Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 26th June 2024

Following the rewards distributed on June 25th, Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 26th June 2024 is set released today, Wednesday. This latest release will go live today at 6 PM (GMT+6), which is 3:30 PM in Iran, 1:00 PM in Nigeria, 3 PM in Ethiopia, and 2:00 PM in Germany. Players can start claiming their rewards by tapping to open three Combo Cards.

The Telegram-based game Hamster Kombat is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. Over 31 million players are actively engaging with the game daily, spanning countries like Nigeria, Iran, Germany, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and the United States. Recently, the game introduced Combo Cards as a new in-game reward.

Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 26 June 2024

While approximately 150 million players have subscribed to Hamster Kombat globally, it’s the daily active users—those 31 million—who are most familiar with the daily Hamster Kombat Combo releases. These combos launched every 24 hours, are now a staple feature of the game.

On May 23, 2024, the game’s developers officially announced the Combo Card rewards. By successfully opening three cards from the panel, users can earn 5,000,000 coins, which can be used to upgrade their accounts.

Continuing this feature, today’s Hamster Kombat Daily Combo June 26 will be available for players in various time zones: 3:30 PM in Iran, 1:00 PM in Nigeria, 3 PM in Ethiopia, 2:00 PM in Germany, and 6 PM (GMT+6) in Bangladesh. Eager players can quickly claim these rewards once they go live.

26 June Combo Reward released officially. You can check them below.

  • Card Number 1: Security audition (PR&Team)
  • Card Number 2: USDT on TON (Specials)
  • Card Number 3: X Network 10 Million (Specials)

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New players should note that these cards are available for only 24 hours. To get the rewards and level up their accounts, players must tap to open three cards within this timeframe.

How to Get Hamster Kombat Combo Today?

As soon as the countdown begins in the game, players referred to as CEOs, need to locate and open the three cards. Upon claiming the rewards, a total of 5,000,000 coins will be added to their accounts. To successfully complete this task, players can follow the provided instructions.

Follow these steps to claim your rewards in Hamster Kombat:

  1. Open the Telegram App: Use your Android or iPhone to open the Telegram app.
  2. Access Hamster Kombat: On the main page, find and click on the verified “Hamster Kombat” bot.
  3. Start Playing: Tap on the “Play in one click” button.
  4. Enter the Game: The gaming window will appear on your screen.
  5. Go to Mine Section: Click on the “Mine” section once the game window is open.
  6. Select Menu: Choose the menu based on the given Combo Cards. Options include Markets, PR&Team, or Specials.
  7. Open the Card: Tap on the card and then click the “Go Ahead” button.
  8. Level Up Notification: A “Level Up” message will appear on the screen.
  9. Find More Cards: Locate and open the remaining two cards one by one.

By following these steps, CEOs can efficiently claim their daily Combo Rewards in Hamster Kombat. This process ensures that players maximize their in-game earnings and continue to enjoy the benefits of being active participants in this increasingly popular game.

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