Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher June 24

The Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher June 24 is to be released officially. Players must type the Morse Code on the Cipher within the right time to get 1 million coins as a reward.

Every day, millions of players from all over the world are playing the Telegram-based Hamster Kombat Game. Those who have been active on the game since May 23, 2024, will be familiar with Combo Rewards which help them to get 5,000,000 coins in a day.

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher June 24

You will be happy to hear that, another new reward has been announced officially. The authority has announced the Daily Cipher for 1 Million coins on June 5, 2024. Once a user types the Morse Code on the game, the rewards will be automatically added to the account.

Morse Code for Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher 24 June 2024

As per the official announcement, the first Morse Code for 5th June was BTC revealed by the authority. In addition, they also showed how a player can type the code on the box and get 1,000,000 coins as in-game rewards.

Players can get the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher today which will help them to get rewards within a few seconds. For this, they will need to type the secret code as per the instructions.

You can get the Latest Cipher Morse Code here.

Note that, the following Morse Code has expired.

  • Word: SWAP
  • Morse: ••• •—— •— •——•

Write like this;

  • S:  tap tap tap 
  • W:  tap hold hold 
  • A:  tap hold 
  • P:  tap hold hold tap 

How do you type Hamster Kombat Cipher Code?

The Morse Code typing method is very different than the Daily Combo Cards. As we all know, players called CEOs need to tap on the Combo Card. The “Congratulation” message will appear on the screen once anyone opens the right card.

Meanwhile, the Cipher Code is too different. We also failed to type the code around 5 to 7 times and later succeeded in getting the rewards. If you do not want to get the reward on your first try, then follow the instructions given below;

  • First of all, open the Game on Your phone.
  • Tap on the “Earn Per Tap” option from the homepage.
  • Then, the game window will appear in red color.
  • Now, type the Morse Code as given earlier.
  • For E, just a short tap on the window, it will show a dot.
  • Next, long press to write dash (-) for T.
  • Similarly, short press for dot and long press for dash.

After completing the task according to the above method, CEOs will see the Hamster Cipher Code on the display. Eventually, the reward message will be shown on the game window.

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