Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 29th June 2024

The Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 29th June 2024, has introduced fresh rewards for today, Saturday. Players are required to select three cards from the list, similar to previous days, to unlock exciting rewards and account upgrades.

Registered players can choose any of the active cards available for Friday to collect free in-game rewards. It’s important to note that the Combo Cards are valid for a limited period, so players need to enter the cards carefully in the official game. The rewards will be credited to their accounts and will also upgrade their level upon opening the cards.

Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 29 June 2024

The number of active players in Hamster Kombat, a popular Telegram game, is steadily increasing. On Monday, June 3, the game community had 23.6 million users, and this number has risen to 24 million today, following the announcement of the Combo Rewards.

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According to reports, a total of 150 million CEOs are playing the Hamster Kombat game globally, with 45 million users actively participating every day. Additionally, approximately 13.5 million people are subscribed to their YouTube channel.

The announcement of the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Rewards has led to a surge in players. Those who won rewards on June 27 and June 28 are eagerly awaiting the new cards. Players are advised to choose their cards to get the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo 29 June 2024, as the three cards have been officially released. Apply the cards according to the menu for the best rewards.

The Combo Card 29 June is released officially. You can use the card below for rewards;

  • Card 1: Blocking suspicious accounts (PR&Team)
  • Card 2: Compliance officer (PR&Team)
  • Card 3: YouTube 25 Million (Specials)

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How to Get Exciting Rewards

A total of 78 million players have subscribed to the Hamster Kombat game, and among them, only active CEOs receive Combo Rewards every 24 hours. These rewards help players gain 5,000,000 coins and upgrade their account level within a few seconds.

To unlock the rewards, interested CEOs need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Telegram App: Tap on the Telegram app icon on your device.
  2. Access the “Hamster Kombat” Bot: On the conversation list, click on the verified “Hamster Kombat” bot.
  3. Initiate the Game: Tap on the “Play in one click” button from the chat.
  4. Load the Game: A new page will appear, loading the game on your phone.
  5. Navigate to the “Mine” Section: On the game page, click on the “Mine” option at the bottom.
  6. Select the Menu: Tap on the “Menu” based on the given cards, such as Markets, PR & Team, or Specials.
  7. Open the First Card: Select the card and click on the “Go Ahead” button.
  8. Congrats Notification: A “Congrats” message will be displayed in the game.
  9. Find and Open Two More Cards: Locate and open the remaining two cards one by one.

In Conclusion

The growing popularity of Hamster Kombat is evident with the increasing number of active players and subscribers. The introduction of daily Combo Rewards has not only engaged the current player base but also attracted new users.

By following the steps outlined, players can easily claim their rewards and enhance their gaming experience. As the game continues to evolve, players can look forward to more exciting features and rewards.

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